Are there any Hispanic women founders in tech??

I’m a young Hispanic female, and really into being an entrepreneur… more on the tech side like web and mobile applications and electronics. Whenever someone asks me what I want to be/do after graduation I’ll usually give some trite “I-wanna-be-[billionaire white male in tech]” response. It’s only half true— I don’t think I’ll ever be able to become a white male. I wish I could give a response that was more true to life. Also, when there’s someone already doing what you want to do it validates the market, if there aren’t any others I’m left with a very ominous question of “why not?” I’m 99% sure there are no Hispanic female Zuckerbergs or Musks because I’d definitely be idolizing them right now. I know there are many Hispanic female founders and CEOs. And props to them. But I’m looking for one that codes and works 100 hours a week, or one that is passionate about physics/math/electronics, and has built a successful company off of those STEM skills. I’ve lowered my standards, they don’t have to be billionaires, I just really want to know if someone like me has been able to achieve this.

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