Would anyone be interested in testing and reviewing a product I made for a business project class I’m in?

I’m a college student and I’m in a business project class with an independent study format. I was able to do any kind of business venture. I chose to make a product and sell it through Amazon and other online channels. Right now, I’m looking for reviews on my product before I start selling them.

I created a headband that covers your ears with the purpose of creating a better night’s sleep. The headband contains comfortable, machine-washable, hypoallergenic material that makes it feel like you’re sleeping on another pillow. Also, it has removable headphones so you can listen to music or peaceful noises. The product is targeted towards people with insomnia or people that struggle to fall asleep in noisy environments. I would just like a few people to test out the quality and effectiveness. I’ll ship out a couple for free and let me know what you guys think of them! Let me know if you’re interested.

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