Seeking Guidance from ppl who have grown a large ecommerce biz. Would love to meet up if you’re in ATX

My biz is growing quite a lot and I am working too many hours trying to keep up. Would love to talk to anyone who’s been in a similar place in that area where you’ve run out of time to focus at all on (non-organic) growth but don’t know anything about hiring employees/getting a work space (currently based in my shrinking apt). Considering reaching out to the Capital Factory in ATX. Basically, I know enough how to start a biz and grow it but I’m kind of freaked out about the growth part where it has expanded beyond my wife and I being able to keep up with it. I can either step up and create a massive biz or just keep up with where I’m at (and potentially try to figure out how to scale back so I don’t lose my mind). The latter seems like a waste to me and also may not be realistic as word of mouth has been huge but I also never meant to get to this point in the first place (more successful than anticipated). I may just need an established biz partner. At the same time, I know what needs to be done, I may just need advice and a pep talk (a mentor) because I think this thing is a life changer if I just suck it up, lol. Anyone been in this situation before? Are you in this situation now?

Ps, I just posted this in mentors but saw that there’s not a lot of engaged ppl in that sub.

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