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SaaS company geared towards freelance Web Designers

I have developed a program that automates my lead generation and lets me do what I like most which is designing. Basically you put in a search location and a industry (EX: Doctors San Franscisco). You then are shown results in a table view such as: “Business Name, Phone Number, Website, Website Rating, Mobile Friendly”. I myself have found this immensely helpful and it has taken many hours away from googling to find businesses that might need websites. In fact, I create my email lists of businesses to contact about web design services directly from the program. My friend suggested I turn this program into a SaaS and I am interested in doing this and have some features in mind I could add to the software as well to help designers even more.

My question is, does this sound like a service you freelancers would want to use? Would any freelancers like to demo the program? What could you guys see yourself paying per month for a product like this? I am trying to get a feel of the amount of demand there is for a program like this as I have not seen something like it, hence why I created it.

I am creating an email list and if any of you would like to be added to that list please let me know as I will need beta testers if I do continue with the software!

If this is not the place to post a question like this please remove my post mods, or tell me a better place to post this!

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