One of our best developers want to leave. - Josh Loe

One of our best developers want to leave.

Guys hi,

Need you advice, as title says one of our best developers want to leave. He is not our employee, but a contractor(upwork). Were working with him for half a year. Great guy, polite, knowledgeable. He keeps job in web dev company and works for us part time. (plus minus 20 hours a week)

Today he told that for family reasons he won’t be able to work on our project for at least 1 month. Asked what tasks he should finish so another dev can take over the project.

I’ve asked if he received better offer and i we can discuss rate increase, he said that “No. He is happy with us, he just can’t work physically on additional work” I’ve asked what are the chances that he will be back in 1 month. He said “not sure now, hope that we will continue, anyway i will be in touch”

He usually works in the evening/nights after his main work. So i understand it can be tough.

I don’t think we can win him over his main job. Not sure what they are paying.

Really would love to keep the guy. It’s hard to find good devs. We can pay twice at what we pay now, but not sure if it’s the reason. He never asked for increase, and i’ve asked if it’s the reason.

Please advise.

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