I built this website that tells people on Housing Choice vouhcers (formerly referred to as Section 8) what properties are qualified for vouchers. Can you give me some feedback?

Full disclosure: I am a real estate agent, and that website is my website.

Hi everyone,

Every week I maintain a list of every property on MRIS (the MLS for DC) that qualifies for HCVP given the rent levels and the neighborhood.

DC Housing Authority, currently only has a website that lets you search specific neighborhoods one at a time, but is very inconvenient if you are looking for something like a home with a basement or are looking at only one quadrant of DC, as you have to keep referring back to this website and then back to wherever you found the listing (zillow, padmapper, etc.).

Additionally, there are no websites I have seen that cater to this and there are no HCVP options or the options give you very few listings compared to what is actually on the market, as a result it makes it difficult for those with HCVP to find housing, and the idea behind HCVP was to help people who need housing find housing.

Having said that, DCHA does hold an event every Thursday, but it costs landlords $100 a day to advertise to HCVP holders. I also recommend you visit there for more information.

My website is here: https://sites.google.com/view/finding-hcvp/home

Please let me know your thoughts. Everything was done on Google sites/ Google Sheets, as I wanted something lean.

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