Feeluna Magazine

Hi all, this is the first time I’ve ventured to reddit or anything like this to share my experience with my startup business. A little over 3 years ago me and my best friend decided to create a photography magazine that is focusing on raw, rebellious and provocative things [Feeluna Magazine](www.feeluna.com) (not porn!).

Sadly half way through creating our vision she passed away, it was shit..grief took over, I was all alone. Now about 6 months ago I started everything back up just with myself running the show, it’s difficult at times when you want feedback on your ideas but that special somebody isn’t there anymore to help you out.

I’ve decided to really push this out of the ball park, creating clothing to help promote the magazine with girls on Instagram to help widen the audience, I literally have no life but I quite enjoy the activity of constantly keeping on top of something. Does anybody perhaps have any suggestions as to how I could widen my social media audience or just carry on as I’m going? My main goal is to have the magazine/clothing
etc to pay for itself and help it grow further.

Thank you.

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