Existing Web Business Advice Needed

Hello everyone and thanks in advance for any advice you can give!

1) I have an online event staffing business (bartenders, waiters, bussers, promo models, gogo dancers, etc) called www.hotbartendersla.com for 10 years now where we provide attractive staff for corporate to private events based in Los Angeles. I wanted to automate the process and grow out to more cities so I had www.hotbartenders.com (removed the la) built.

2) I was a bartender who put a site up for myself to get more bookings in 2007. Clients kept calling and asking specifically for attractive waiters and bartenders so I created the company called www.hotbartendersla.com as there was a need to be filled.

3) I have had the business for 10 years.

4) My 1-year plan is to pivot the company to be a platform for clients to book, pay and review event staff and special talent.

5) An incredible surge of competitive or cloned businesses and advancement in technology for large companies that are now including staff services and focusing on just being a booking platform (escrow, reviews etc)

6) If I could go back in time I would have told myself to make a platform similar to Fiverr, taskrabbit, gigsalad specifically for event staff.

For the past 10 years I have operated www.hotbartendersla.com, which originated as just attractive bartenders in Los Angeles. As the business grew I added waiters, bar backs, promo models, gogo dancers etc.

A) Two years ago I decided I wanted to automated the booking process and not limit it to just LA (Los Angeles) so I had www.hotbartenders.com built (I am going to launch it in the next month as it took 1.5 years to make).

B) I then came to the conclusion that the name is too sexy (I am not a fan of the name myself) and very limiting as I offer all event staff and not just bartenders so I came up with the name GigShine (just bought the domains, social media haven’t done anything with it yet).

My heart is really set on simply providing a platform (GigShine) of vetted talent, client review system, merchant escrow, insurance for staff and a communication system similar to how taskrabbit.com, gigsalad.com, fiverr.com, elance.com, guru.com are doing it (small transaction fees off of many transactions)

What do you guys recommend doing?

1. Change www.hotbartenders.com name to www.gigshine.com and then start modifying the existing system to be a platform? That way when people go to www.hotbartenders.com google it would push to gigshine.

2. Leave www.hotbartenders.com and www.hotbartendersla.com alone and build a completely new system (last one took 1.5 years)? That way I won’t hurt the rankings I currently have with hot bartenders

3. Anyone have any advice as I have been so close to this for so long it is hard to see a birds eye point of view.

Thank you for taking your time to read this I do appreciate your thoughts.

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