E-commerce store to help save the ocean. I appreciate any opinions and comments both good and bad!

I have started an e-commerce store that sells ocean themed merchandise (defendthedeep.com). Right now I am trying to donate around 50% of the profits to a few ocean conservations that I have featured in my store. The problem is I do not have the capital to buy a whole bunch of products. Therefore, I am trying to dropship most of my items. To be honest yes I want to be able to make a little money from this but the main goal is to raise money to support some ocean organizations. I currently am working on getting some apparel (shirts, hats, sweatshirts) with my logo on it. I am also in contact with some of our supporters to make some quality handmade products to post on our website so we can slowly get away from dropshipping. Do you have any complaints, comments, or recommendations uthat could help me get started? We are posting on FB, Twitter, and IG. I am pumping out blogs that are actually pretty fun to write, but I am not sure if they are really getting seen on reddit, stumbleupon, and pinterest. The only ads we are running are on FB. Any comments (good and bad) would really be appreciated! Thanks for your time 🙂

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