Danish company seeking distributors and sales reps. in the US repost

Hi entrepreneurs!

About a month ago I made a post in this sub about my company seeking American distributors, dealers and sales representatives, without reveiling very much info. Due to very high demand, we are still looking. The following is taken off our Facebook page. I hope this post is ok.

Thanks in advance for reading! And if you have any questions fire away in this thread or via PM


Want to become an American distributor, sales rep. or dealer of one of Europe’s most sought after outdoor products?

It is a no-fake-news fact that Hero Camper is a BIG success in the outdoor camping industry. The best-selling teardrop camper in Europe through 2017 and 2018. In well under two years we have helped a lot of outdoor- and sport enthusiasts realize their ambition of getting out and staying there, without having to plan and still being comfortable.

The Campers, Hero Ranger and Hero Traveler, are of tremendously high quality, highly customizable both regarding gear and decorative foil, and we have, as the first camper manufacturer ever, created a personalized service-App so your Hero Camper is always ready to go! Made in insulated FRP glass fiber material, used normally in the production of high-end boats, as well as double chassis with brakes, and aluminum fenders, roof rack etc.. It´s made according to the highest industrial standard of The European automotive directive.

We have tried creating the best rooftop tent of all times, so earlier this year we launched the Hero Skybox. The Hero Skybox is a high-end rooftop tent with plenty of space for two, high quality materials and a lot of great features.

If you want to become a distributor, sales rep., dealer or agent of Hero Camper, don’t hesitate to contact us on Facebook!

Your journey starts here
Hero Camper – Get out and stay home!

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