Who Should I Follow (LinkedIn, Email) For Actionable Insights on Growing Businesses or Life? Looking For People With Followings in the 10,000’s.

We all know Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, etc. but I am wondering if you follow any “local celebrities” (people with a following in the 1000’s or 10,000’s) that you think other people should be following.

Career-wise, I would like to learn about growing businesses, managing people, and selling. Life-wise, I would like to learn about health (e.g. specific exercises, supplements, journaling practices), becoming better at relationships (friendships, family, romantic, networking). Making the transition from “motivational” content to “action-oriented” content. Looking for people on LinkedIn, with Email Lists, or Podcasts.

I currently follow [Spencer X Smith](http://www.spencerxsmith.com) on LinkedIn who offers great insight on personal branding, for example.


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