In need of a business partner to handle the business side of my business.

I just launched my *handyman on demand* mobile application last month. It has been slow going, haven’t put a customer through the application yet due to well, a mix of not being able to break into the market, and wanting the first impression of the business to be perfect. I have made many new connections since our launch though and I know I am getting closer to getting a few decent sized customers to use and depend on my application.

I got a call from a Broadcast executive who works for iHeartMedia and have an appointment with him tomorrow to discuss my app. After his phone call I had a revelation. I need a business partner. I wish I could handle the workload of owning a business on my own. But I cannot, nor would I enjoy it. I am not a salesman, I am not a business professional. I am guy who enjoys helping people honestly and fairly, who happens to also want to own a business. So with that said. Does anyone know where I might be able to find a business partner? Is there a site that you’ve used that worked for you? an app even? Are there things I should look out for when vetting potential partners? (obviously I will have legal representation when we start talking numbers, but I am more talking about personality, past business history, etc.)

[]( is my business website and if you’d like you can check out the app on the google play store.

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