FOLLOW UP from Q&A with a multi-millionaire Entrepreneur - Josh Loe

FOLLOW UP from Q&A with a multi-millionaire Entrepreneur

__To start off__, he is a self-made man. He’s in his late 40s and was working in Wall Street back in the day when he decided it was time to pursue his own goals. He was above average making close to 500k per year. He was extremely good, but not the best.

__How did he started?__
Already mentioned. Wall Street for 15 years and saved a shit ton of money. He worked his ass off and made good relationships with whoever he worked with so when the time cam to venture out, he had good words under his belt.

He came from a low-medium paid family. He was what most people would deem as “normal.”

__Things he struggled with when younger?__
“There’s so substitute for long hours and commitment of time”. He’s a huge believer in trial and error and investing time into something you want to be good at within your reach.

I should mention that he mentioned when he was 23-40, he’s never been in a club. He knew all of those things could have waited.

He also wishes he took even bigger risks when he was younger. He said got comfortable from 30- 40 considering he was already richer than 99% of the world.

__What would he do if he was starting a business today?__
The same exact thing. He didn’t let money take him over when he ventured out on his own, but his passion. It is easy to say that once your loaded with money, but he’s such a genuine guy who _LOVES_ helping people. It’s his passion (granted, he’s letting me interview him….for free!).

He was persistent in making sure I understood that it’s more important to follow your passion first. It will only make you want to do the things 99% of others won’t, which will get you where you want to be. Don’t follow money, but follow your heart.

He did mention how technology is changing in today’s world. He thinks we are only starting to see how technology will help us in the future. He thinks software engineers are important, but it’s not his passion. He definitely incorporates software to __help__ his success in today world. Huge difference.

__Better to start younger or after experience?__
He thinks the younger you are, the better. You can gain experience through trial and error. He loves risk taking, because he’s extremely good at turning negative energy into something positive. If he takes a risk and it works, cool. If not, there is always something to learn. And he __NEVER__ lets a failure take away from him.

__Books he read?__
He’s really into Malcolm Gladwell books.

__How does he solves problems?__
Goal-oriented person. He has extreme discipline and a lot of focus.

__Thoughts on real estate?__
He thinks it’s turning into a low-margin area. He also doesn’t like the fact that anyone can be in the business. He loves those who enter and go __ALL__ in, but those who chase the money is the ones who ruin it.

__whats a normal work day for him?__
Customer care, tons of meetings and calls, looking for different properties. He doesn’t define work as work. More of “something personal that has to be resolved.”

__What prompted his first hire?__
He finds people who are care about money just as much as they’re passionate in their area. Hiring someone who is only in it for the money usually isn’t a team player, vs. someone who wants to naturally solve a problem within their region of liking.

__How he makes desicions to get to “the next level”?__
Always a gut feeling. Even if he knows it might not be the smartest thing, if his intuition says it can work, then he goes. He absolutely fears regret.

__How much success does he attribute to college?__
None of it. All college did for him was train his discipline.

__Does he think Entrepreneurs have a specific personality type?__
“Without a doubt.”

He thinks they’re born, not made. Entrepreneurs are natural problem solvers. People who are willing to stick out and go against the grain.

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