Creative Billing: How to best charge for access to my customers? (X-post to /r/smallbusiness)

**Short form:** A local car dealership wants access to my customers, what’s a fair way to arrange payment that’s good for both of us but also with no upper limit?

**Long form:** I organise jumble (rummage) sales. People with stuff to sell rent a table from us and we ensure a good turnout. A local car dealer wants to run a special “spring time event” at their garage and have us organise a jumble sale there – along with bouncy castle, candy floss, live music, and so on (provided by others).

We have a list of around 40 regular jumble sale customers and a facebook reach of around 3,000 people in our target group (mostly bargin-seeking families with one or more children under 13). I imagine he wants us to drum up interest in this group to make his day a big success; making our job publicising and ensuring the smooth running of the sale (selling tables, etc.)

For our time and effort he has to pay us. What are some good ways of billing?

Already, we’ve thought of:

1. He sponsors the whole event, making tables free for everyone who wants one. We bill him directly for a fair amount. We normally turnover €800 for a similar sale.

2. Everything is free, he pays us nothing (or a fixed amount) and for the number of people who turn up we get a fixed sum. E.g. Fixed sum of €300 and then 50c a head OR no fixed sum and €2/ head.

3. We arrange a fee and a commission based on the number of leads he generates. The business cards of the employees promises €100 if you recommend someone who then goes on to buy – perhaps we could get something too? So… Flat fee and €40 per sale (?)

4. Other ideas?

Disclaimer: We’re having our first meeting on Thursday (in 48 hours from this post) and It’d be good to have some ideas we could put forward.

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