What is with this subreddit? - Josh Loe

What is with this subreddit?

Posts where someone wants to do an AMA or give out legitimately useful information – without any inkling of shilling – seem to have the top comments be other Redditors attacking them. This in particular is in relation to the comic book and FB ads post recently.

I get it: people plug. But not *every* post is a shill. And you’re not smart for pointing out “*something doesn’t make sense*” (when there’s actually perfectly legitimate reasons for some numbers being the way they are).

This subreddit is supposed to be – presumably – a place where entrepreneurs can ask for advice and share information to help others. But the sense of entitlement that people seem to have, coupled with a collective circlejerk abrasiveness, is toxic.

Just wanted to get it out there, because this sort of behaviour actively discourages people who actually just want to share information, since there is currently a 70-80% chance they’ll be attacked regardless of how non-shill their info is.

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