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Do Something

As I was on my morning “clear my head” walk, in which I often listen to motivational and business audio books.   The author of the current book I’m reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck, wrote about when he first decided to become an online entrepreneur.  He wanted to live as a digital nomad and the “dotcom lifestyle”.   He spoke about his lack of motivation at first and how being your own boss can lead to procrastination.   Which is a fair observation.  I mean you are the boss now.  You are the one in charge of what you do, when you do it, and IF you do it.  This is something I struggled with when I started out myself.  My first couple of months “in business” looked less like business and more like playing on the internet.  There was no money, no GUAC being made!  It took a few slaps in the face from myself to get my ass in gear.

When I heard the author speak about this,  I did what I’ve committed to do.  What this page is all about, giving back to the entrepreneur community.  I got back as quickly as possible to get this out to all of you, hopefully inspiring you and letting you know that you’re not alone.

The author spoke about a novelist who wrote over 70 novels.   When asked how he did it, he said 200 crappy words at a time.  The point of this was that most of the time we struggle just to get started, but once started usually we end up going all in.  Just do something.  Start writing that blog post for the day,  make that first phone call of the day, send that follow up email, just DO SOMETHING.

So today, the entrepreneur motivation I can offer is to just do something.  No matter how small or how big,  just get it started!  If you’re in a slump, simply commit to putting in a small bit of effort in today to something that is going to move you closer to your goals.  It really is that simple.

Get out there and CRUSH it today,