Adding gratitude to your arsenal for success.

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.
– Mellody Beattie.


Visualize your success and give gratitudes. 

A lot about my page is on grinding to make it as an entrepreneur.  I wanted to take a step back today and give you one of, if not the most important part of my arsenal that I use daily.  It’s called gratitude.  You see, I believe that if you are not grateful for what you have at this moment, then you will have a hard time gaining what you want in the future.  I feel that the universe works that way.

Here is my daily routine, I do this every morning right when I wake up and try  to do it before I go to bed at night.  I list out the things I am grateful for.  Some  examples:

  • I’m grateful to have the knowledge that I’ve gained in life so far in life and in business.
  • I’m grateful to have a loving and caring wife that stands behinds me and my goals, and never tries to tell me to slow down.
  • I’m grateful I have a medium such as this blog and social outlets so that I can be connected with other successful individuals that have the same mindset as me.

And a whole other list of gratitudes down to the house I live in and the truck that I drive.  Oh, and the comfy bed I just got out of!  I won’t bore you with all of those, but those are the ones I commonly used.  These are done in a very deep way, they are not done in a monotonous way, that I repeat everyday just because I feel I have to.  I honestly visualize and feel the gratitude for each of these things.

After I am done with my gratitudes, I start to write down what my goals are for the future.  Some people only do this at the first of the year and never think on them again.  Personally having those goals written down in front of me daily, keeps me honest and on the grind.  These goals are written in present tense, like I already have them.  Usually I start with health and life, move into business, and finishing with leadership, such as giving back to my community and mentoring others.  Writing down what I want and then going into how I’m going to get there  Some examples:

  • I am the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life.
  • My marriage is the strongest It’s ever been.
  • I have $1,000,000 liquid in the bank.
  • I have a networth of over $10,000,000 (I’ve learned to write the number out instead of 10MM).  The visual is a must!
  • My company has over 10,000 subscribers.
  • I have multiple streams of incoming.
  • I own over 10 real estate properties that bring in 15-20% income a month.
  • etc, etc.

After writing these down, and there is a whole page usually.  I sit and meditate for a good 5-10mins depending on time, visualizing first all of my gratitudes and then move on to my goals.  When I say visualize, I mean I actually visualize the car I want pulling up to the house that I want to the marriage that I want.  Stepping out of the car and being in the healthiest condition I’ve ever been.  I visualize me logging into my bank account and seeing the amount of money that is in my goals.   Truly visualizing it as it happens, I mean seriously down to driving around in my dream car.

… And then I get right back to work to make this happen.